Camden Thursday Championship | Terms Conditions, Directions and Venue

Terms and conditions

1.24 hour working day cancellation. Please be respectful to your opposition and in the event you cannot make the game, please let me know latest by weds530pm. If 24 hour cancellation isnt provided YOUR DEPOSIT IS VOID.  If 24 hour cancellation is provided you may still be liable for your match fees but the decision is reviewed at season end.

2. If you forfeit 2 games Playfiveaside will re-consider your position in the league AND YOU WILL LOSE DEPOSIT NO MATTER THE NOTICE PERIOD

3.All those that have signed up to this league understand that all teams play each other TWICE and a cup competition is included

4. Playfiveaside reserves the right to change and amend fixtures.

5. Match fees are paid in cash to the ref on the night (unless youve paid up front). £45.

6. Deposits will roll on to the next season, assuming your deposit is intact and has not been forfeited. If you wish to withdraw from the league you must notify us on or before the final day of the season.


Camden Rhino Turf (CCA Astroturf pitches),

21 Castlehaven Road,

Nw1 8RU




There is female/male changing.

The pitch is sand based astroturf. It is semi caged so there will be an element of roll ins and kick ins.

@ The Camden Rhino Turf each pitch is seperated by nets/caging so there will be no interference.

Key Rules

1.No Slide tackling

2.The goalkeeper can only roll out along the ground or pass out along the ground, he/she cannot thrown over arm or punt out.

3.The goalkeeper is not allowed out of his/her area. The area will be clearly shown to you by the referees. If the keeper comes out of the area to stop a goal scoring opportunity a penalty will be awarded.

4.Defenders are not allowed into the area. If they go into the area their own area a penalty will be awarded.

5.If a striker goes into the area to try and score the ball will simply be given back to goalkeeper.

6.Subs are roll on roll off

7.Over head height in normal play is allowed and out of bounds are only if the ball goes over the fence or over the line. In this case play starts from keeper or a roll in. Remember we have a semi caged game. One side is fenced off the rest is open.

8. The referee can sin bin/ send off players based on dangerous tackles, persistent fouling, swearing at the officials etc.