Old Street 5 a side | Fixtures and results

£45 per game

all teams to play each other twice.


  13th March   Time
Club Apoel 5 3 Dog & Bone F.C 710pm
MBS 14 1 NatWest Ham 750pm
Safe FC 6 5 Flammers 830pm
      Oak House  
  20th March    
NatWest Ham     Oak House 710pm
Dog & Bone F.C     Club Apoel 750pm
Safe FC     Flammers 830pm
  27th March    
NatWest Ham     MBS 710pm
Club Apoel     Flammers 750pm
Dog & Bone F.C     Oak House 830pm
      Safe FC  
  3rd April    
Flammers     Dog & Bone F.C 710pm
Safe FC     Oak House 750pm
MBS     Club Apoel 830pm
      NatWest Ham  
  10th April    
Club Apoel     Safe FC 710pm
Oak House     MBS 750pm
NatWest Ham     Flammers 830pm
      Dog & Bone F.C  
  17th April    
Safe FC     MBS 710pm
Club Apoel     Oak House 750pm
Dog & Bone F.C     NatWest Ham 830pm
  24th April    
Oak House     Flammers 710pm
NatWest Ham     Safe FC 750pm
MBS     Dog & Bone F.C 830pm
      Club Apoel  
  1st May    
Club Apoel     NatWest Ham 710pm
Safe FC     Dog & Bone F.C 750pm
MBS     Flammers 830pm
Oak House        
  8th May    
Dog & Bone F.C     Oak House 710pm
MBS     Flammers 750pm
NatWest Ham     Club Apoel 830pm
      Safe FC  
  15th May    
MBS     Oak House 710pm
Flammers     NatWest Ham 750pm
Safe FC     Club Apoel 830pm
      Dog & Bone F.C  
  22nd May    
Safe FC     NatWest Ham 710pm
Oak House     Flammers 750pm
Dog & Bone F.C     MBS 830pm
      Club Apoel  
  29th May    
MBS     Safe FC 710pm
NatWest Ham     Dog & Bone F.C 750pm
Club Apoel     Oak House 830pm
  5th June    
Club Apoel     Flammers 710pm
Dog & Bone F.C     Safe FC 750pm
NatWest Ham     Oak House 830pm
  12th June    
Dog & Bone F.C     Flammers 710pm
Club Apoel     MBS 750pm
Oak House     Safe FC 830pm
      NatWest Ham