Regents Park Championship | Fixtures and Results
City- White city tiger turf, Enter Via Du Cane Road, W12 0EA
Regents Park- The Hub, Regents Park, NW1 4NR
Willesden - King Edwards Park, Willesden Junction, Doyle gardens, NW10 3SQ (no changing)
Putney Bridge- Hurlingham Park, Hurlingham Road, SW6
10th team MAY ENTER the mix so please do not take your rest weeks as golden!! Play everyone once before promotion relegation
      2nd September  
City 130pm FC Samba 7 2 Bermondsey FC
Scrubs 10am Clerkenwell Corinthians 1 5 London Monstars
      9th September  
Regents 2pm FC to Madeira 3 5 Sub Standard Liege
Regents  1030am EFM FC 4 EA Galaxy
City 1145am Tiki Tekkers 13 0 Idiota FC
      16th September  
Regents 1030am London Monstars 4 3 FC Samba
City 10am FC to Madeira 1 3 Tiki Tekkers
GRASS W12 0DF 10am Clerkenwell Corinthians 4 3 Sub Standard Liege
regents 2pm Bermondsey FC 0 4 EFM FC
GRASS W12 0DF 10am EA Galaxy 6 1 Idiota fc
      23rd September  
City 1145am London Monstars 3 2 Tiki Tekkers
Regents 2pm Clerkenwell Corinthians P P FC to Madeira
Regents 2pm Sub Standard Liege P P Bermondsey FC
City 315pm FC Samba 2 3 EA Galaxy
City-Grass 1pm Idiota FC 3 17 EFM FC
      30th September  
Regents 1030am EA Galaxy     Sub Standard Liege
Regents 1030am Clerkenwell Corinthians     FC Samba
City 10am Bermondsey FC     Tiki Tekkers
Regents 2pm  FC to Madeira     EFM FC
City Grass 1pm London Monstars     Idiota FC
      7th October  
Regents 1030am London Monstars     EA Galaxy
City 130pm Clerkenwell Corinthians     Tiki Tekkers
Regents 2pm Bermondsey FC     FC to Madeira
Regents 2pm Sub Standard Liege     EFM FC
City 330pm FC Samba     Idiota FC
      14th October  
Willesden 10am FC to Madeira     EA Galaxy
Regents 1030am London Monstars     EFM FC
Regents 2pm Clerkenwell Corinthians     Bermondsey FC
City 315pm FC Samba     Tiki Tekkers
City Grass 245pm Sub Standard Liege     Idiota
      21st October  
Regents 1030am EA Galaxy     Bermondsey FC
City 10am Tiki Tekkers     EFM FC
Regents 1030am FC Samba     FC to Madeira
Regents 2pm  London Monstars     Sub Standard Liege
City Grass 245pm Clerkenwell Corinthians     Idiota FC
      28th October  
Willesden 10am EFM FC     FC Samba
Regents 1030am Bermondsey FC     London Monstars
Regents 2pm  Clerkenwell Corinthians     EA Galaxy
City 315pm Sub Standard Liege     Tiki Tekkers
City Grass 245pm FC to Madeira     Idiota FC
      4th November  
Regents 1030am London Monstars     FC to Madeira
Regents 1030am Clerkenwell Corinthians     EFM FC
City 1145am Tiki Tekkers     EA Galaxy
Regents 2pm  FC Samba     Sub Standard Liege
City Grass 245pm Bermondsey FC     Idiota FC