Waterloo Wednesday 5 a side | Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions

1.24 hour working day cancellation. Please be respectful to your opposition and in the event you cannot make the game, please let me know latest by Tuesday 530pm. If 24 hour cancellation isnt provided YOUR DEPOSIT IS VOID.  If 24 hour cancellation is provided you may still be liable for your match fees but the decision is reviewed at season end.

2. If you forfeit 2 games Playfiveaside will re-consider your position in the league and deposit wil be lost. An early forfeit i.e forfeit in weeks 1-4 of the league may also see your team replaced and reconsidered. 

3.All those that have signed up to this league understand that all teams play each other twice

4. Deposits will be reimbursed at the end of the season, or roll on to the next season should you choose to continue. If you forfeit your encounter without providing 24 hours notice or leave the league mid way through the season your deposit is lost. If you are removed from the league your deposit is also lost.

5. Playfiveaside reserves the right to change and amend fixtures.

6. Match fees are made payable on the night  if you havent paid up front.