Frequently asked questions:

Here is a list of questions that we get asked regularly regarding league rules, playfiveaside services and more. If none of these answer your issue or query please contact us straight away on 020 3935 7446 or email

How do the leagues work?

You can join any of our leagues with spaces or join our waiting lists. If you are interested in joining one of our leagues just contact us either by phone or email

To view all of our upcoming leagues please VISIT HERE

We provide all the equipment, from match balls and bibs to FA qualified referees. All you need to do is turn up for your fixture each week. 

Shin Pads are NOT compulsory but advised. All pitches can range in turf type so please email in to find out what footwear is appropriate.


How many players are needed for a league game?

This is subject to the league you join, but if your league is a 5 a side league you must have 5 players, if you have only 4 to begin with you will start 1 player down.


How do we know when we will be playing?

You're able to view all of our fixtures for the season online and will be updated each week to show results VIEW HERE


Why is a deposit needed to be paid?

A deposit is needed to ensure teams turn up each week to play as no-shows mean a wasted journey and no football for the opposition

This system is in place to reduce absences to an absolute minimum and ensure the league runs smoothly.


How many forfeits are accepted?

1 forfeit renders your deposit void if 24 hours notice isnt provided. If notice is provided your deposit will remain in tact but a 2nd forfeit no matter what the notice will render your deposit void. If a team forfeits 2 games in the league no matter the notice they may be removed from the league.


The wrong person has been put down as a scorer this week?

If there are any issues with the details for your league results do not hesititate to email in to and we will amend this as quickly as possible.


How long do results take to be put online?

We always aim to have results online within 24 hours


Am I able to hire a football pitch from you?

We do provide football pitches for hire and can view these locations HERE


We would like to put on a company work tournament/event can you help us

Yes we provide corporate events from football tournaments to its a knockout fun days. All our corporate events are managed and we provide everything from the venue to optional extras such as catering. Please click here to find out more


The referee’s decisions on the pitch are final.