It is essential that your sports surface, playground, or facility is kept in good condition. Depending on the usage some turfs can wear faster than others if they are not treated and maintained correctly.


We always suggest and explain to the client about the importance of having a sports facility maintenance schedule and how it can keep your surface in excellent performance condition and extend its life expectancy. There are several options –

1) Schedule. Create and design a maintenance schedule for your new football or sports pitch. These can be designed by ourselves and we will come on site several times in the first year to ensure its longevity. Preventative cleaning on synthetic surfaces will normally include grooming, drag mats, drag brushing, decompaction, deep cleaning and algae treatment. The maintenance plan can be extended to multiple years if you are happy with our work.

2) Rejuvenation. This process removes the upper levels of contaminated infill from the astro-turf carpet using high pressured compressed air and by replacing it with new infill.  This refreshes the artificial grass system restoring drainage and lifting and opening up the artificial grass carpet fibres. 

3) Replacement. If Rejuvenation is not the best port of call our dedicated team will advise the best solution regarding a replacement. This can be as small as replacing line markings or as large as replacing the whole court itself.

4) Playground Maintenance. This can include the base surfaces or the equipment itself. We ensure safety of children via our regular checks and safety programmes and the playground always looks new. This is particularly vital for open evenings and parent’s days and to ensure the playground is pleasing aesthetically.



We offer a range of services:-

  • Jet cleaning playgrounds and equipment to remove chewing gum, bacteria and any general waste / hazards for children in the surface area. One-off bookings are available as are monthly service plans.
  • Checking for broken and missing equipment within the area and repairing/replacing if requested.
  • Killing of weeds.
  • Applying non-slip paint.
  • Resanding and brushing in of sand (applies to Astroturf and 3G pitches only).
  • Replacement and repair of wet pour rubber.
  • Graffiti removal

Our team is highly professional and equipment state of the art to ensure the best possible service.

As each facility and request is different we cannot quote a price online. Our dedicated team will need to conduct a site visit and measure the respective areas to give you an accurate quote. To book and appointment please call 020 3935 7446 or email info@playfiveaside.com

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